Healthy Food
Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

With a Bio-Individual Approach


A health coach uses a client centered approach to help clients effect changes beneficial to their overall health and well-being.


I believe in a science-backed approach to eating in a way that will honor your circumstances, traditions, and experiences, all while helping you meet your health goals.

Free Consultation

I provide a free phone consultation. When clients have agreed that they would like to work with me, they are sent thorough intake assessments and a coaching agreement/contract.

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Health and Wellness with natural ingredients

I am passionate about helping people who are stuck on the hamster wheel of bad health, to get off once and for all. That passion led me to pursue more education, so that I might be the best resource possible for you.


Prenatal Yoga Lesson
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What my clients say

Working with Emily has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  She has helped me identify personal strengths I’ve never recognized and my confidence has improved substantially because of her encouraging work with me.  Emily is able to help me reframe what I thought was an obstacle into something so easily solvable.  I’ve learned that investing in people and activities I enjoy brings a fullness of heart and a feeling of calmness that is necessary for a balanced life.  I have been blessed beyond measure to work with my health coach, Emily Burger.