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  • Where are you located?
    I am located in the panhandle of Texas, near Amarillo. However, I offer online consultations, which allows me to see clients worldwide. For local clients who would like to have in-person sessions, I can see you at IVRS Wellness Center.
  • What is health and wellness coaching, exactly?
    Health and Wellness coaches can be thought of as behavior change specialists, with a science-backed education in health. My favorite description is that we are like guide dogs; we are not here to take you to the park if you want to go to the library! We are here to steer you around any potholes, no matter where you want to go, on your journey to better health. The modern medical model seems to be failing us. Incidences of chronic disease continue to climb, despite all of the scientific advancements of the past several decades. You might leave your doctor's office with a list of to-do’s (or don’ts!). Stop smoking! Start exercising! Eat healthy foods! Where do you start? How can you be successful, long-term? Did you know that, when given a major medical diagnosis, such as that of heart disease or diabetes, only 1 in 7 people make the necessary lifestyle changes to manage their conditions? We all know there is a gap to be filled between asking people to do something-and people being successful with the things they are asked to do. I am fortunate to collaborate with some amazing physicians who would love to spend more time with patients discussing diet, exercise, stress, and more, but due to multiple constraints, just cannot. I also work with pretty incredible clients who have chosen to take their health into their own hands to begin to make beneficial changes BEFORE a problematic diagnosis. Health and wellness coaches help fill the gap. We help you succeed in improving your health, whether by implementing changes recommended by your doctor, or those you feel you need to take NOW. You can expect that I will listen, and ask many questions. I will be your biggest cheerleader-but you will also be held accountable for the goals you set for yourself, in a warm, non-judgmental space.
  • On what areas of health do you focus the most?
    My background is in integrative and holistic nutrition. However, we may work on any areas you feel would benefit your overall health. I have clients working on healthy movement, stress, community, and sleep! We could even explore work, joy, or learning. Should we decide that your goals extend beyond my scope of practice, we will work together to find more appropriate resources.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    I am happy to provide a free Discovery Call for anyone considering working with me-easy to book right here on the website! Whether you are a seasoned pro with elimination diets, or you are just getting started making some healthy life changes in other areas, I can help.
  • What does this process look like?
    After the phone consultation, when we decide to work together, I will conduct a thorough intake, including questionnaires and assessments that you will fill out and return. Most of these are online, click and fill, easy-peasy! Upon receipt and review of these documents, we will set up an initial appointment. Your initial appointment will be longer than subsequent appointments, and will include clarification on your intake. We will work together to develop a vision of you at your optimal health, which looks different for everybody. We will also choose 2-3 broad focus areas to work on during our time together. Effective coaching programs last for a minimum of 3 months. That is the minimum time commitment I require of my clients. Sessions may be conducted weekly, or bi-weekly. All are virtual for the time being, so you can be cozied up in your jammies with your dog and a cup of tea while we chat from anywhere in the world! Coaching can last for as long as you feel you are gaining benefit after your initial 3 month commitment. When you feel you have met your goals and are ready to take off the training wheels, I will request one final session, which will be free of charge and used for my own growth as a coach.
  • Does this really work? I have tried to make healthy changes over and over!
    In a word, YES. This works. Working in a clinic, I became frustrated seeing patients and sending them home with recommendations, many of which were probably promptly tossed in the garbage. Some people would be highly motivated for a week or two, then would fall off the wagon, struggling to sustain the progress they were trying to make. Health coaching has changed all of that, and I have seen miraculous, life-changing goals met and exceeded!
  • What about some of the things I’ve seen online, like intermittent fasting, specialized diets, or new supplements?
    Those can all be awesome tools to have in your tool belt! I *love* when my clients do their own research and come to sessions with new information to discuss, and questions around things they have read or seen. However, I truly believe in a foundational approach to health and wellness. If your sleep, food, movement, and stress are less than optimal, none of the additional tools will accomplish what you hope. Building your health is like building a house. If the foundation is shaky, the paint you put on the walls will not matter as the walls begin to crumble. We want to get that foundation stable! Should we decide that supplements would be beneficial in your healing, I am fortunate to be able to provide professional-grade products through Wellevate, and give a discount on these to clients who meet certain criteria.
  • What is the cost?
    Let’s talk price during our phone consultation! Currently, I am offering half-price sessions as I complete further certification. Because I am truly passionate about helping people, I also hold a few spots for need-based pro bono clients.
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