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What does a health coach even DO?  


A health coach uses a client centered approach to help clients effect changes beneficial to their overall health and well-being.  Chris Kresser calls health coaches “behavior change experts.”  

This process involves not TELLING people what to do, but helping them come to their own conclusions about what direction to go to begin the process of improving health and reducing unpleasant symptoms.  We will utilize a process of visioning, goal setting, and accountability without judgment.

For example-you may be ready to tackle a new exercise program, but really do not want to make dietary changes yet.  That's okay!  Or, you may want to focus on stress relief, but not sleep yet.  Totally fine.  

The coolest thing about the human body-in my opinion-is that everything works together.  That means that any positive changes you make are going to start having downstream effects in other areas.

Health coaching is about meeting you WHERE YOU ARE NOW to gain momentum on the journey to better health.

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